The difference a good battery can make is shocking.


Why Do Cars Need Batteries?

Every time you turn the key in your ignition or push to start, you send a signal to your car’s battery to start your engine. Not only does your battery start your car, but it also serves an electrical supply when your vehicle demands more current than your alternator can supply. 

With a dead battery, your car won’t start – a problem we all want to avoid when we set our sights on the road.



5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Car’s Battery


  1. Slow Engine Crank: Upon starting your vehicle, if the cranking of the engine sounds strained or slower than normal, your battery is likely on its way out.
  2. Swelling Battery Case: A telltale sign your battery needs a replacement is when it looks like it’s busting out of its case.
  3. Rotten Egg Smell: A leak in your battery may result in sulfuric acid to escape, which leads to a strong rotten egg smell. 
  4. Check Engine Light: The check engine light can mean your battery or multiple components need service. Fortunately, the service experts at Morrie’s Inver Grove Mazda can quickly diagnose the source of the Check Engine Light.
  5. Your Battery Is Over Three Years Old: Batteries can perform well beyond three years, but we recommend having it checked out at the three-year mark and every year thereafter. The brand, operating conditions, and climate can all affect a battery’s lifespan.




Car Battery Service FAQs


Q: What is the powder on my battery terminals?
A: Corrosion, which is caused by a chemical reaction between the battery, clamps, and air under the hood, will result in a white/blue/green substance on your battery terminals. Generally, corrosion will appear on the negative terminal because the battery is undercharged.


Q: How many volts does a car battery need to start?
A: A fully charged battery should measure around 12.6 volts or above. Your car may start with a battery clocking in at a lower voltage, but we recommend checking on it at least once per year to avoid a dead battery blindsiding your plans.


Q: How do I keep my car battery from dying in cold weather?
A: As motor oil thickens in cold weather, your battery faces a tougher challenge cranking the engine. One way to prevent freezing components is to park your car in a garage. You should also look to clean your battery of dirt and debris, which can increase electrical resistance. We also recommend having your battery inspected before the winter months to avoid getting left in the cold.


Q: Can a car battery be recharged?
A: Yes. Oftentimes, your battery needs a charge to get going instead of an outright replacement. Buying a dedicated jump starter or battery charger will ensure you can handle battery trouble without having to visit the service center.


Visit Morrie’s Inver Grove Mazda For A Battery Replacement

Have battery trouble? The certified technicians at our service center in Inver Grove Heights are here to lend a hand. We will not only diagnose your car battery problems, but we can also make sure your vehicle is outfitted with the right battery specified by your manufacturer.

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