How To Prepare Your Car For Fall

September 25th, 2020 by

Fall leaves on a wet road

With the autumnal equinox in our rearview, the days seem shorter, the leaves look rosier, and the temperatures read lower.

Unfortunately, that last facet of the fall season can expose maintenance faults in your vehicle and leave you out in the cold when you least expect it.

To help you prepare your car during October, Fall Car Care Month, the certified technicians at our Mazda service center in Inver Grove Heights laid out some essentials.

Inspect Your Tires

Tread depth gives your tires a better grip, which is crucial on slippery roads. In turn, you should make sure you have plenty of even tread on each tire to last you for the winter.

Additionally, cold temperatures will reduce your tire pressure, which hampers braking, steering, and handling. If your tire pressure monitoring light is illuminated on your dash, and for more than just a few seconds, don’t ignore it. Check the current tire pressure and add air as needed. If they are properly inflated, here’s a handy video that explains how to reset the TPMS light.

Check Your Brakes

Where traction is limited, your brakes play an even greater role in your bringing your vehicle to a complete stop, which is why you should have your brake pads, brake fluid, and brake rotor checked during the fall. Fortunately, the brake experts at our Inver Grove Heights service center can get your brakes up to speed – full stop.

Check Your Battery

Your battery provides the vital spark to get your engine running as well as supplies power to essential components like your heater, window defrosters, and windshield wipers.

Extreme cold temperatures can hinder your battery’s performance. Therefore, you should check that it has ample charge and shows no corrosion around the terminals.

Visit Our Mazda Service Center In Inver Grove For Routine Maintenance

Should you need help preparing your car for the cold months, the maintenance experts at Morrie’s Inver Grove Mazda are on standby to assess your tires, top off your fluids, test your battery, and perform every other service your vehicle needs to go the distance.

If you have any questions about preparing your car for the fall, don’t hesitate to contact us at Morrie’s Inver Grove Mazda.

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