Awesome,Wacky & Outrageous Cars of SEMA 2016

November 9th, 2016 by

If you are unaware of what SEMA is it’s, “the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world. It draws the industry’s brightest minds and hottest products to one place, the Las Vegas Convention Center.” We spent two days cruising around the show looking for the very best that the aftermarket world has to offer. We wanted to check out what the newest and hottest trends in automotive tuning have become, and we can say this is the place to find it. While Ford and Jeep may have dominated the show with some off-road, super lifted and crazy trucks, there was plenty of other amazing vehicles to check out as well.

So here here are some of the craziest cars from SEMA 2016.

DSC_0369 copyB_R
DSC_0356 copyB_R
DSC_0616 copyB_R
DSC_0571 copyB_R
DSC_0317 copyB_R
DSC_0324 copyB_R
DSC_0382 copyB_R
DSC_0593 copyB_R
DSC_0640 copyB_R
DSC_0705 copyB_R
DSC_0506 copyB_R
DSC_0552 copyB_R
DSC_0670 copyB_R
DSC_0750 copyB_R
DSC_0816 copyB_R
DSC_0001 copyB_R
DSC_0013 copyB_R
DSC_0076 copyB_R
DSC_0351 copyB_R
DSC_0563 copyB_R
DSC_0069 copyB_R
DSC_0120 copyB_R
DSC_0235 copyB_R
DSC_0665 copyB_R
DSC_0093 copyB_R
DSC_0251 copyB_R
DSC_0388 copyB_R
DSC_0145 copyB_R
DSC_0274 copyB_R
DSC_0201 copyB_R
DSC_0338 copyB_R
DSC_0395 copyB_R
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